Friday, April 15, 2016

Hard Time Memorizing Lines? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Hard Time Memorizing Lines? Here Are Some Helpful TipsForgetting your lines or your speech is one of the biggest fears people have, no matter what industry they are in. But for actors, there’s really no time for it. You’ve got to be on point and ready for action the moment you walk on stage or on scene. The biggest thing that’s going to drag you down? Your doubt. 

So limit the possibility of that by putting into practices some simple tips that will have you remembering with confidence.

Tip 1.
Write it out: This one is perfect for speeches, comedy sketches and shorter performances. It can work for acting as well, but I’d recommend only doing it for the scenes that are really challenging for you to remember. Simply get out a paper and pen or your computer and write/type it all out. For things you’re wanting to emphasize, use bold or italics.
Tip 2.
Read and Record: This one works amazing. First, get out a recording device like your phone or computer. Record yourself reading what you’ve written. I suggest recording it in the way you want to say it. This not only gives you practice, but you’re working through it through different senses.

Tip 3.
Re-play. Whatever you’re doing, you can listen to what you’ve recorded. You can listen while you’re getting ready for the day, on your way to work and while you make your dinner. It’s portable multi-tasking for your subconscious. Not bad, right?

The best thing you can do is to relax. Don’t stress about it, that will only make it worse. If you do end up in forgetting those lines, take a deep breath and remember that you’re doing this as part of something you love and when you are you, people are most entertained and pleased.

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