Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How to Make Money as You Build Your Acting Career

How to Make Money as You Build Your Acting CareerBeing a starving artist is never a good thing. So when you’re building your acting career and the money’s nowhere to be found, you need a plan that helps secure your finances while you build your success.
You’re already an artist, so it’s time to bring that creative energy to the bank.
Ready for some great ideas?
Use your talents. Remember that any actor performer is their own business and this is your trade. So what talents do you have that are able to further your career while bringing you income? You could be a coach for public speaking, lead improv classes at local schools or even provide music instruction. Get creative.
Reduce need. Make sure you’re only living with necessary means. Only live in the size of home you need. Don’t keep a car if you don’t need a car. Eat at home. Prepare lunches ahead of time.
Go big and save. Have a big house you don’t need? Have a car you can go without? There are platforms online right now that allow you to rent out all or part of your home and even your car by the day, week and even month! Why pay for something to have it sit? People all over are living with no cost, simply because renting out what you own, pays for your basics and groceries too!
Humility pays. Don’t be afraid to take odd jobs, a day job, babysit, or help friends move. These are little tasks that often pay well, but more importantly, work with your schedule. You need to be little non-committal when it comes to your job and these jobs allow for that.
Patience. Once you’ve cut your costs, capitalized on what you own and humbly submitted for additional work, it’s time to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?
So work on your skills, take classes, hustle and keep on your path. You’ll get there.

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