Sunday, January 24, 2016

How To Succeed in Acting In Spite of Your Critics

Critics are everywhere. Even red carpet actors have them all the time. But what if you’re new at this and still establishing your reputation? You don’t need bad buzz. At the The New York Acting School for Film and Television we know that the critics can be harsh. But we also know how to handle them with dignity and succeed in spite of it all.

Here are some helpful tips:  

Stay away from the negative Nancy’s. Critics aren’t just in media. They’re often our family members and friends. If you have a negative Nancy  in your life, keep them (or at least their opinions) at a distance from you. No matter who they are it's important not to let their habits and negative presence stifle your drive or mojo for that matter.

Boundaries. Create clear boundaries with your critics and get clear about what conversations are helpful and which ones bring you down. If those boundaries aren't met, make them tighter. Limit your time with them to less days or hours.  Be sure to tell them clearly that you are on a particular road, and if they want to support you, then x,y,z is what you need to be around them. You understand that they are not expected to change, but that you need to care for yourself and this is what you need to do that.

Media Two Cents: First of all, the media will always give their two cents. Remember… it’s only two cents; not much value there. Unless, those two cents are on the same subject every single time. In that case, two cents add up. Are there things you keep being critiqued about time and time again? If so, it’s probably good to take a second look at the critique and see about improving yourself in that area.

Put out the fires: Lastly, let your character and willingness to grow speak for you. Put out their fires by proving them wrong, by showing the world that the criticism just isn’t true. If it is true, put out the fire by either not caring and simply owning it, or by doing something about it.

Always take action to improve yourself, but never take criticism to heart. It’s only two cents. Your career has the right to succeed and and you have the right to enjoy the journey!

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