Thursday, January 7, 2016

Not All Actors Have What it Takes to Succeed. Do You?

Not All Actors Have What it Takes to Succeed. Do You? Sure you want to act, but do you really have what it takes? There are hundreds and thousands of people each year auditioning for dream roles and hustling to create their dream acting job, but few of them succeed.

If you want to succeed in the film industry, you’ve got to want it bad enough and not get weighed down by insecure habits. You’ve got to present yourself with persistence, without seeming desperate. It's about having confident fire; drive that’s fueled by confidence and fire.
If you’re not sure you have what it takes, then look at the following list:

Do you:

  • overthink your role?
  • stress about landing the part?
  • fear that others are succeeding faster than you?
  • see acting as work more than play?
  • find yourself desperately taking low end jobs and then complaining about it?
  • beat yourself off for not performing perfectly?
  • dream about the red carpet, money and glory more than the experience?
If you answered yes to more than 3 of those, then you’re setting yourself up for some serious disappointment.  Of course, those are normal emotions to go through, and all actors do experience most of those at some point or another. However, if those points are normal or recurring, please note the error and take a mindset shift.
Think about why you got into acting in the first place and what you’re willing to endure and learn to get there. Also ask yourself if you’re willing to get their honestly and with integrity, because regardless of what backend deals get you, your reputation will always preceed you.

At the New York Acting School for Film and Television, we know you want to succeed. But we also know the very habits that hold you back and we focus on helping you excel while keeping it fun and keeping your love of acting alive! Please join us for one of our many classes and other offerings in New York City as you continue on the path to acting success!

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