Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Best Gift Ideas for Actors This Holiday Season

The Best Gift Ideas for Actors This Holiday SeasonActors are a difficult bunch to buy for but they’re special to us and we want to make sure they know it! Of course, we all know that gifts aren’t the only reason for the season; togetherness and joy are the real purpose, right? So make sure you give gifts that inspire love and acknowledge their unique personalities!
Step One: Know your actor. Before getting them the ‘perfect’ gift, be sure you know who you’re buying for. Just because they are an actor, don’t get them a bunch of film clutter that they don’t actually need. What else do they love, aside from acting? Outdoors, food, clothing, travel, exercise, games? Knowing more about who you’re buying for will give you clearer direction.
Step Two: Go with usable. If they like art, make sure it’s an artist with a style they like. If it’s music, make sure it’s the genre they love. If you aren’t sure, give them the gift receipt or just buy them a gift card so they can order as desired.  
Step Three: Take them to dinner. Get to know them better on you! Invite them over to dinner at your place or take them to a new place you can both enjoy.
Step Four: Buy them a career tool like an audio recorder so they can practice line memorization at home and with confidence.
Step Five: Get them signed up for acting classes, acting coaching or even an acting school tour! Of course, make sure they’re excited and ready for that step, because if they are, they’ll LOVE it.
The holidays are a busy time, so don’t bother yourself by overthinking it. Just think about the person you’re buying for and do your best to touch their heart.

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