Thursday, November 5, 2015

Make Shopping Easy! Here Are the Top Gift Ideas for Actors and Performers!

Make Shopping Easy! Here Are the Top Gift Ideas for Actors and Performers!Black Friday is coming up. Christmas music is playing in the stores. Whether you like it or not, shopping season has begun and you can either drown in the hustle and bustle or you can choose to give gifts that touch the heart and keep on giving. At the New York Acting School for Film and Television, we want to share some great tips for you to help you pick the perfect gift for the actor or performer in your life!

Comedy or Theatre Tickets. Performances are the perfect gift for any performer. The artist has the chance to sit back and be entertained for a change. This is especially great for younger actors as it exposes them to wider ranges of the art available to them and allows them to learn and watch simultaneously.

Coaching & Classes.  Students who are actively developing their skills or careers find great benefit from being involved in classes and with one on one coaching with industry professionals. A good coach or class will help the developing actor to meet his or her goals, regardless of whether they are profession, education or simply personal.  

Board Games. Games that encourage improvisational thinking are great. So much of acting is about learning to communicate non-verbal meaning in support of the words in a script. The fast pace style of board games that keep you guessing and open to unpredictability keeps the game exciting, keeps the entire family laughing, and is great practice for non-verbal communication.

Body Care. Performers all over have a life that is taxing on the body, so it’s important to take good care of your health. Some ideas include immune boosting teas like echinacea, ginger, green tea and chamomile. Sleep is important, so perhaps lavender products like an eye pillow, or bath oils.

Massage. Massage is usually well received and for performers, this is no different. Give the gift of bodywork and relaxation. The actor in your life is working hard and should be rewarded and appreciated with this beautiful gift.

Books. Giving books allow people to leave the reality they they’re in and welcome them into the fantasy of someone else’s written word. Choose classics, stories with depth or stories that have been put into play form as well. Additionally, you could find a play that’s coming up in 3-6 months, purchase tickets, and place them in the book.

What a wonderful gift we have to have these people in our lives. Let’s love them well and show them we appreciate their hard work. You don’t have to struggle through the season with frustration and shopping craziness. Instead, gift the gifts that keep on giving… from the New York Acting School of Film and Television.

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