Friday, November 13, 2015

How to Better Your Acting Career Without the Dead Leads!

How to Better Your Acting Career Without the Dead Leads!Acting as a career is serious business. Whether you’re in full swing or have to hustle your career growth on the side, you don’t have time and energy to waste on dead leads and wastes of time. You need to know the right classes, the right auditions and when to go. That’s what we at the New York Acting School for Film and Television can help you with.
Here are some great tips to furthering your acting career:
Classes: There are many acting classes which specialize in just about everything: mime, improv, soap operas, commercials, martial arts, stage combat, auditioning, sit-com, Shakespeare and yes, acting on camera. You name it, somewhere it is being taught!
Internet: Look on Internet audition sites, see message boards. Speak to acting friends. Just don't invest your fortune until you have really checked out the coach/school/class. Film acting rip-off stories fill every acting message board.
Community Centers: Many community centers have running productions. See what roles are available. As for possible classes, check the background of the instructors. Some will be a waste and others will be a treasure!
Agents: Don’t believe everything you hear. If you’re just getting started, you won’t need one. Get a coach who’s got proof of their experience. Connect well and take critique. When you’re getting booked like crazy and need someone to manage your representation, that’s the time to get an agent.

Be sure to research the school and instructors you are interested in.  See where their training comes from, what they've done and what notable talent had also learned from them.
At the New York Acting School for Film and Television, we pride ourselves on our integrity and skill in the business. If you too, are serious about your acting career, please feel free to contact us to find out if we are the best acting school for you!

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