Monday, July 27, 2015

Helpful Encouragement for Aspiring Actors and Performers

Helpful Encouragement for Aspiring Actors and PerformersIt’s important to start by pointing out that ‘having what it takes’ to be an actor is not the same as succeeding as an actor. To have what it takes means you not only have the talent but also the perseverance to stick to the path and commit to your goals. Many people have the ability, but they still don’t succeed. Many people succeed but lack ability. Are you willing to stay coarse regardless of fair results?
At the New York Acting School for Film and Television, we have helped many new actors get on their way. From our experience to you, here is some helpful encouragement for aspiring actors and performers of all ages, stages and backgrounds:
  1. Have a well trained ear. Know how to recognize the sound of good acting. When you hear someone else’s line delivery, does it sound like they are reading lines off of a page, or does the situation and character come alive. Don’t just act, become.
  2. Imagine well. In order to become the character, you have to know every aspect of the character. Most of that will be left to the imagination. Of course a script, story and director will leave you clues along the way, but you’re going to have to fill in the gaps with the believable flair and detail. Imagine what the person’s childhood was like, their hometown and school challenges. This is vital for character development and personality creation.
  3. It’s not you …  well, maybe it is, but don’t take it personally. You will experience rejection. You will be told no (several times). You will be told that you are too _________ (insert anything that makes you feel awful). But it’s not usually about you. It’s about the character. The film. The story. You don’t fit the part. Let it go and keep trying. Only grow in positive ways, don’t change to meet director and industry needs.
  4. Miscellaneous Tips of Importance: Be on time. Be a person that people know is going to show up and show up well. Act responsibly. Show up bathed, rested, respectful and ready. Have your lines memorized. Do not lose your temper...ever. Don’t be demanding (diva!). Be aware of and care for your health. Eat healthy food and get enough sleep. Watch your party life. Watch your friends. Be sure that the people you’re around most are driven, happy and goal oriented.  Stop talking to people or being in situations that take you down. Take responsibility for your future and your create the success. Get an acting coach or mentor. Take classes regularly. (We recommend our acting classes for those in the New York City area.) Never stop learning. Never stop watching others.

Only you can decide how far to take your acting. At the New York Acting School, we take pride in the skills and determination of our students. We stand behind the ready and willing, just as we will stand behind you. For more information on classes and coaching, contact us today!

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