Monday, June 22, 2015

6 Simple Tips for Actors Ready to Take It To the Next Level!

6 Simple Tips for Actors Ready to Take It To the Next Level!Many actors are ready to get out there and start gaining momentum but they fall into habits that limit their success. At the New York Acting School for Film and Television, we see our graduates move on to great things, often due to some very simple points. 

Here are 6 simply tips for actors ready to take their career to the next level~

Know your niche. 
Once you find it, match that to the market that would provide the best opportunity. This can include stage or screen. Where does your strength lie?  Go where your strengths are an build off of that. The idea is to keep getting stronger where you are already skilled. This will build your confidence and get you cast more often, leaving you more opportunities to expand in the future. 

Invest accordingly. 
Get critique on your type before shooting. Know the roles you can play, and show that in your photos. Pay for a great demo reel. Don’t wait months for a student director to give you a clip that may not sell you. Get a professional to do your website—that’s the first stop when a CD is looking to see your work.

Take Classes. 
Make sure to first study the areas in which you haven’t yet trained, and are the most practical: cold copy audition technique, improvisation, and speech.

This could be a career coach, a casting director, or an acting teacher with knowledge of marketing. It can be very frustrating spending all your resources on classes or workshops that aren’t really helping you get work, or on marketing tools that don’t represent you as well as they could. Get advice first.

Marketing plan. 
Get a copy of Call Sheet. It’s a mini booklet with a list of all agents, casting directors, and current television shows and films in production. Set goals and create a timeline. Try to put in a few hours a day/week on your marketing, and build a large network of industry professionals who know and like you.

Be Ready. 
It’s best to wait until your marketing tools are up-to-speed and then get a referral to an agent. If you’ve worked with a director or know a casting director, ask for their help. If you’re working with a coach or mentor they can open doors and make that referral. 

Committing to an acting career can be exciting, but also overwhelming. Take it one step at time and always ask for advice and help. There are many industry professionals who will be there for you!

Ready to learn more? Contact the Acting School for Film and Television for more information on coaches, classes and more!

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