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How To Have An Amazing Acting Audition.

How To Have An Amazing Acting Audition.Every Actor wants a great audition, but there are a few little tips you need to know
that make a big difference in whether you get there or not. Auditions are some of the most nerve wracking aspects of an actor's career as they determine your opportunities. At the New York Acting School for Film and Television, we understand and have the experience to guide you through it. 

Put your worry to rest. Here's how to have an amazing acting audition. 

Dress for Success
Regardless of your experience or the budget of the jobs you’ve worked, always present yourself with professionalism and self-respect.  I’m not recommending egotism or arrogance, rather knowing and respecting yourself enough to stand tall and be professional. Don’t underestimate the power of grooming and a tidy appearance. You don’t need to adopt a new identity or wardrobe, but by all means, show up with an aesthetic that says, ‘I care, I am prepared and I expect to be treated as a professional.”  You can be as talented as ever, but show up without having showered and your pants in shreds and people may never really see your true colors.

Getting There
How To Have An Amazing Acting Audition.In preparing for an acting audition, it is vital to remember that your audition begins long before you ever enter the room.  You are an actor the moment you wake up, so step in to your role.  Do whatever you do to get into your zone and mental focus… and begin your audition the moment you walk into the building.  Your role to play is the ‘talented actor’.  Embrace it and be prepared to take control of the room.

Waiting Your Turn
Ah, the experience of waiting before an audition.  Those golden minutes of sitting and wondering, going over your lines while surrounded by others both nervous and confident alike.  It’s true. You will likely find yourself in that situation.  But remember, you can think yourself crazy. Just connect with the talent you really have, and who you really are regardless of those around you. You're here because you're great. Own it. 

When It's Your Turn
That first impression you give has the power to determine whether the viewers want to take those three minutes to read the you – or not. The casting director and others involved, want to see that you are confident, focused, prepared, and ready for the audition. You need to show that you can take control of the room. Make eye contact as the directors greet you. Believe it or not, they are rooting for your success, but in the end, if you walk into the room looking insecure, mumbling, or like you’d love to run away, your viewers will assume you are either very nervous, unprepared or simply inexperienced. With this, they will tune you out and won’t want to bother reading you even before you say your first line. So own that confident mind, behavior and connection… and then throw it into your presence.

In conclusion, nobody is going to own your talent until you do first. You know what you can do, so commit to it.  Even if you don’t fully believe it, rehearse it in your mind and wear it when you sit, walk and talk until it fully becomes a part of you. Make eye contact and communicate readiness, excitement and professionalism.

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