Monday, April 6, 2015

How to Get Started in Professional Film Acting:

Have You Always Wanted to Act? Here's How to Get Started in Professional Film Acting:You're not the first person to want a career as a professional film actor - but we want to help you avoid being one of the many that fail. If you want to get started in professional film acting and succeed at it, there are many tricks to the trade and skills you must learn first. 

At the New York Acting School for Film and Television, we've seen many people try to succeed on a wish and a dream. While those are healthy motivators, they don't take the place for education and experience. At our New York City based acting school, we provide many classes for the aspiring, intermediate and even seasoned actor to better their skill sets and advance in their professional acting career. 

If you are looking to improve and excel, we are here to guide and help you give your best at every acting audition. You won't just learn how to act, but also how to act for film and in front of the camera. With our acting coaches and specialized acting classes, you'll learn the practical acting skills you need: audition technique, monologues, scene study, cold readings, acting improvisation and even acting in commercials.

Our classes are unique because they constantly offer hands on experience. Each class is small and you have the chance to be on camera every time. This allows you to fine tune your craft in a consistent intimate setting. 

In addition to that, our students are invited a few times a year, to showcase their work for agents, managers and casting directors. You get to skip to the front of the line for opportunity and visibility. We're proud to offer so much to you and are honored to help you along in your dream! 

If you are ready to get started in professional film acting, check out the information we have on classes, coaches and additional guidance, here, at the New York Acting School for Film and Television

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