Monday, February 9, 2015

If You Want to Be a Good Actor, Start With These Tips!

If You Want to Be a Good Actor, Start With These Tips!Has it always been your dream to be a big time actor? Do you get excited on stage, or in front of the camera? If so, then there are some important things you'll want to know and remember. Whether stage or film, these tips will help you understand the basic building blocks of a career in acting. 

If You Want to Be a Good Actor, Start With These Tips!

  1. One absolute necessity is knowledge of the vocabulary of acting. You have to know Stage Right, Down Stage, ad lib, upstage left, close-up, hit the mark, and...Action!
  2. Another "must" for an adult newcomer is to start working on material immediately. The most basic acting requirement is the ability to say a line and sound real. It's hard to imagine an audition or a scene without having to speak. And his potential to sound real when he says a line is precisely what all beginning actors must discover. This is basic.
  3. If you can't learn to sound real and authentic, then acting is not for you.
  4. It's best to discover your level of sounding real before spending too much money and building up great expectations. You must find out if you can say a line believably. That is the basic of basics
In conclusion, if you are an adult who has always wanted to act, make sure you start with community theatre or with coaching sessions. Get a feel for the different fields, and start taking lessons. After several lessons you can then decide, based on an intelligent assessment of your potential and an honest evaluation by your coach, if you want to spend the next several years following the delayed dream. For more information, please get in touch with us at the New York Acting School for Film and Television today!

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