Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments for The Busy Creative Person!

Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree and home with these easy handmade Christmas

ornaments that will give your home a warm, joyful look during the holidays. We know that as a creative person, you have a busy schedule and need ideas for simple decor and gifts! 
Ornaments are always fun to make so we have collected a few DIY ornaments that you can get started on to have ready when you decorate your tree this year. 

Scrabble Ornaments 
Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments for The Busy Creative Person!Scrabble pieces are the perfect size for making little messages around your tree. By taking just a few of those letters, you can create a number of festive messages. You can drill tiny holes in the wooden letter pieces and then attach decorations or ribbon for hanging them all together. Or to keep it even more simple, super glue the ribbon to your letter squares! Imagine the fun you will have decorating your tree with messages that you have created yourself.
Instructions and Project Credit – Thingsthatarepretty

Paint Your Own Ornaments!
Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments for The Busy Creative Person!It’s so hard sometimes to find ornaments in the exact color that you want. You can paint those ornaments yourself and make sure that you have the perfect colors. You just need a few clear ornaments and the paint colors that you want. Just remove the metal cap and then add a bit of paint in the color that you want, rolling the ornament around so that it coats the entire inside. Another way to do it is to combine a few complimentary colors to create a beautiful swirl-like design. Be careful to only use a little paint at a time. You can mix and match paint colors to create something completely unique.
Instructions and Project Credit – Littlegrayfox 

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments for The Busy Creative Person!This one is about as easy as it gets! From cookie cutters to tiny birdhouses, you can find loads of ways to decorate your tree. If you are looking create a really traditional looking tree, you can find many ways to incorporate homemade ornaments which are the epitome of traditional. Tie ribbons at the top of metal cookie cutters or bake old-fashioned cookie ornaments. The kids will love making decorations for the tree and you will save a fortune when you make them yourself.

Instructions and Project Credit – Wineandglue
Not only are these great for your own tree, but they make fantastic gifts as well!  Actors and other creatives need quick and easy solutions for this holiday season. The New York Acting School for Film and Television wants to support you in every way possible; from classes and coaching to craft inspiration! 

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