Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Boost Self Confidence with a Gift that Keeps On Giving!

Need a Perfect Holiday Gift Idea? Boost Self Confidence with a Gift that Keeps On Giving!If there is someone in your life that you love, that deserves to take the next step in success and opportunity or just needs an extra boost in their self confidence, we have the perfect gift for you to share that will not only keep on giving back but can open up a world of opportunity.  

Give the gift of acting classes this Christmas or Hanukkah to the one you love. You may be surprised to know that acting classes benefit most people in various ways; improving their performance at work and in every day needed confidence and communication. 

Boost Confidence

Whether you’re on center stage in front of a listening audience, or on a set with all

cameras on you, the in-the-moment pressure that these situations bring along, can be

excellent in helping even naturally shy people overcome self-consciousness. Auditioning

in front of casting directors or practicing performance with classmates help you build a

strong sense of confidence that will carry over into your everyday life. 

Enhance Public Speaking & Presentations

Acting requires an ability to speak clearly and eloquently and to project a strong and

steady voice, all while delivering convincing, persuasive and believable dialog,

regardless of the setting. A large focal point of many acting classes, these are the same

skills utilized in public speaking engagements and can come in handy any time in your

personal or professional life that you need to give a compelling and persuasive oral


Poise & Presence 

Actors’ bodies and faces are an extension of their acting, and must align with the story

they are trying to tell and the feelings they need to convey. Because of this, they must

learn to be extremely aware of every position and every movement made. This

awareness of body, posture and physical presence that is taught in acting classes and

increased through experience is not abandoned on the stage or left in the classroom;

instead, it can become an ingrained and automatic part of how a person carries

themselves, exuding grace, confidence and poise in their everyday lives.

When practiced in conversation, confidence is boosted immensely.  Many people agree, 

hands down, that nothing is more intimidating than making a speech - especially in front 

of a director.  These classes give you the freedom to try and apply new techniques in 

front of like minded people, learning the same skills, without the added pressure of 

perfection.  You'll leave feeling empowered, more secure and ready to take on the 

challenge of speaking from the conferences to commercials.  

Understanding & Communication
When acting, a person must take on the persona of the role they are playing. These

roles will be represented by feelings and personality traits that can be pretty different

from the actor’s own. So, in order to truly capture the essence of the character and

portray it properly,  the actor must place themselves in the shoes – and often inside the

mind – of someone whose viewpoints may be foreign to them so that they can

understand them. This is such a beneficial skill in all aspects of life, from personal

relationships to business negotiations to conflict resolution many kinds

As you can see, all of the above skills are needed and practiced by everyone and can be used in all areas of life and will make an incredible holiday gift! At the New York Acting School for Film and Television, we want to see people succeed in all aspects of their lives. Let us know how we can help!

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