Sunday, November 30, 2014

5 Great Christmas and Chanukah Gift Ideas for Actors All Over!

Are You Feeling the Holiday Spirit? Here Are 5 Great Christmas and Chanukah Gift Ideas for Actors All Over!If your friends, family or acquaintances are involved in the acting profession, you may want to surprise them with a personalized Christmas or Chanukah gift that nurtures their passion for acting. So if you are stuck for ideas about just which gift to get, here are 5 great gift ideas for actors all over. 
New Head Shots
They’re not cheap, but actors always need up to date head shots. Typically, these are done in black and white the actor will use these photos for castings and often appear in the theatre programs and playbills. If you want to do something special for your actor-friend, love or family member, then a new head shot are THE gift to get!
Casting Subscriptions
There are many subscriptions available that would be useful for the actor. They are often necessary for the actor's career but tend to be costly and would thus be a great gift to share! 
Theatre Tickets
The theatre tends to be expensive, and most actors don’t go often enough, though they enjoy it immensely! Why not get the actor in your life tickets to see their favorite actor or play in your city? You can also get vouchers for the main theater to be used when the right performance comes to town. 
Acting Classes/Coaching
Well, of course I’m going to say that this one is good! But wherever you’re based, you could get the actor in your life some one on one time with an acting coach or teacher. Most big cities across the globe have a range of decent teachers, check them out online and see what people say about them. Of course, if you're actor is in New York City, then see what the New York Acting School for Film and Television can do for you. 
Books or Book Vouchers
An actor will always appreciate the chance to buy some good plays or other great theater books. Amazon is a great place to get new books on acting. New plays can be safer as a gift too because it’s less likely that the actor will already own them. 
As with all things, have fun with your shopping! Keep your sense of humor and class according to the 'character' you are buying for! 
For more info on classes, offerings and more, contact the New York Acting School for Film and Television. 

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