Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Want a Good Acting Career? The Top Characteristics of Highly Successful Film Actors

Want a Good Acting Career? The Top Characteristics of Highly Successful Film ActorsSometimes I sit and think about what it takes for an actor to succeed and though the list can seem simple, it's important to really sit and take in the advice. They are big things to contemplate and commit to, but make a massive difference in the success of your career. 
So, to make the best of your acting career, here are the top characteristics of highly successful film actors:
Crazy Dedication
Your commitment to the acting profession is far more important than who your coach is or where you attend classes. Most actors don't fail as a result of their lack of talent, but because they don’t dedicatedly pursue their careers. 
That means mailing out at least 20 head shot submissions a week, constantly reading about the business and craft of acting, watching television, film, and theater with a critical eye, and taking classes, workshops, and seminars as often as possible. It also means taking care of yourself by getting rest and not partying all the time.
Incredible People SkillsFate doesn't make an actor.  Humans are the ones that get the job done, so you'll need to have incredible people skills.  Yes, if you're gorgeous and amazingly talented, you might be able to get away with arriving late and acting like a diva; but if not, it pays to be polite and professional. Once you have these skills, keep yourself on the radar of the people who can take you to the next step in your career. 
Got to Have Talent
Unlike a stockbroker, for instance, who can point to quarterly profits, there are no easy ways to measure acting talent. Even if there were, few people agree on the criteria. I love actors whom others loathe, and vice versa.
So find a style that you believe in, that you enjoy, and which best fits your innate abilities. Then study it, in college or in classes. Constantly challenge yourself, practice your art, and polish your skills. Find mentors and be sure to allot a lifetime to perfect your craft.

Strong But Open 

This may just be the hardest quality to acquire. An actor must be open to the world and the people in it in order to develop the insight necessary to bring characters to life. At the same time, he or she must be protective enough to deal with the constant rejection and disapproval that abound in this industry.
Develop broad foundations for your personality (honest and multitudinous relationships and a variety of interests and hobbies) and work to keep your mind and heart open. Build your confidence by doing things you’re good at and by taking risks on things you aren’t.
We want you to succeed in your acting career and and are here to equip you with the characteristics needed to become a highly successful film actor.  Call us today and see how we can help you in your acting career! 

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