Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Simple Solutions to Overcoming Stage Fright for Any Actor

Simple Solutions to Overcoming Stage Fright for Any ActorStage fright, or even 'camera fright' is one of the biggest challenges actors face. So if this is hard for you, you're not alone and it can be over come.  

What do you do when you finally get cast and you realize there is a giant lens or audience staring back at you? Usually that's when the sweat increases, the heart races and the self talk kicks it into high gear. At least, that's normal if you get stage fright.  To keep it simple, stage fright is just another form of performance anxiety and the root of performance anxiety is a fear of failure or rejection.  

The first thing I will suggest to you is to keep getting on stage. Keep getting behind the camera.  Second, is to deal with the fear of rejection you are holding deep inside.  Now, don't be embarrassed or frustrated about that.  We all carry that weakness around with us in some way or another. In fact, some very successful actors have a strong fear of rejection. It's what they do with it that matters most.  It's a large force of energy.  Where will you direct it? 

Can you direct the energy toward your success?  Can you perform in way that impresses even yourself? What challenge can you make for yourself the next time you are on stage?  Perhaps you can take it one step at a time. Try focusing on your breath.  Decide for yourself that you are going to think of your normal tasks but mainly focus on your breath.  Make sure its where it needs to be.  Even if you are doing an intense scene, your breathe will need to be deep and full or rapid and firey, but either way - the breath will be present and you can choose to focus on it.  

Next, as a practice at home, I want you set time aside to visualize the performance. Close your eyes and get into an emotional space of excitement.  Draw up a memory where you felt overjoyed, excited and proud.  Allow that to overcome you as you emotionally relive the experience. Now see your self walking up to that stage or to the camera and think of how fun your job is. (visualize how easy it is to focus on your breath)  See the other actors responding readily to your character. See the audience in silent anticipation of your presence.  They came to experience you.  Just them sitting there, waiting, is a gift to you and their way of saying 'thank you' for sharing your talent of story telling. 

I will be sharing more steps in the future, but for now, the strongest action you can take is to direct your focus away from the negative feelings and instead, focus it on the positive truth which is your talent in acting. Acting classes are here available precisely that reason! They give you a safe environment to practice your craft.   So, don't fret.  Take action.  Start with visualizing the excitement and then move deeper into your talent. At the New York Acting School for Film and Television, we are here to guide you through it.  

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