Monday, June 23, 2014

Ready To Win? See What it Takes To Become a Successful Actor!

Do you think that just because you're talented you will succeed in acting? Think
Ready To Win? See What it Takes To Become a Successful Actor!
again! Success can be defined in two ways here. First of all, there are a lot of talented people out there that cannot focus, cannot practice and fine tune; simply cannot work at being successful. They will not learn lines, they skip rehearsals, do not self-promote -- in other words, they are dedicated to failure, regardless of their talent. This may come as a shock to many, as a career in acting presents itself as a ticket to easy street. If you want to succeed, you have to do the work. It's the same deal for the rest of life.
Because actors have innate talent, imagination, intelligence, passion for acting, drive, a good ear, the ability to mimic ..  they can get lazy. They may not really have "acting muscles" that need to be kept in shape, but they still need to practice, enhance skills and stay on a determined path. 

It take two major ingredients to succeed in acting. And you have to have BOTH.
Of course, there's the financial aspect. 
  •  financial success
  •  their portfolio 
  •  fame and fortune

Those aspects are not a surprise, as most people tend to think of success as someone who has been fortunate in business, someone who works a lot, who has made movies, won awards, has a great agent, gets all the jobs, and who supports themselves purely through their acting work.
Next?  The talent has to be there. Think about the many actors out there that are hardly known, but they draw you in and cause you to feel the deep emotion of the character or leave you laughing at every expression. 
They have hit the most needed part of success.  Once they have that narrowed down and have committed themselves to a path of networking, hard-work and learning, then it's time to finish it off by remembering these basic truths:
True success in acting can be summed up by talent and the sustained pride in your chosen path. First of all, if you have the pride, you'll do the work.  And if you have the pride, you'll do it for the right reasons. If in your acting career and life you can do work which you yourself are proud of, then that is the life of a successful actor.
Don’t act to please anyone else, act to please you.  Don’t act to get rich, act to act. Create for the sake of creating. Act because you have to, because if you didn’t you wouldn’t be complete.
Of course, it would be fabulous to receive a healthy salary and for your lifestyle to be supported by your acting career, but let that be secondary – act to act first THEN pursue the business side.  Only then will you be truly successful.
Do you have what it takes?  Are you a golden piece of talent, who would act every day if you had the chance?  Are you willing to put in the hard work, be patient and persist? 
If yes, then acting just may be for you.  For coaching and acting classes, please call us at the New York Acting School for Film and Television and we will get you started on the path and help you to succeed!  

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