Friday, May 23, 2014

Becoming a Movie Extra Isn't As Hard As You Think! Here's What You Need to Know:

Break into the film industry and explore your opportunities by becoming an extra in movies! It's not as hard as you think it is.  Just getting the chance to be an extra in a movie can be the most motivating and rewarding experience both movie-lovers and actors can have!  Hundreds of films are created and produced each year, meaning that scenes are always being shot in cities, towns and even neighborhoods all over the world.  It's likely that movies and television shows are being filmed near you now or will be soon.  
Ready to break into the film industry? Becoming a movie extra isn't as hard as you think! Here's what you need to know....

The truth is, if you really would like to be in a movie or get a cameo on television, you actually can. Finding jobs as a movie extra is pretty easy because of the list below:

  • Looks don't matter.  Short, tall, round, thin, tattooed, pierced, blond hair or blue...  it's all YOU.
  • Education doesn't matter - ever.
  • Age doesn't matter - ever. 
  • Really, anyone from anywhere can be a movie extra, even without any prior acting experience. 
  • The type of film doesn't matter. Whether action & adventure, drama, comedy, romance, science fiction or horror - all will require dozens if not hundreds of movie extras. Just let these filmmakers and team know you are willing and available to work.

Now your question should be, "How do these filmmakers and production companies find me?"  

Great Question.  How can you be offered work when people don't know who you are or what you can do?  The internet is a gold mine, dear friend.  Just throw in a search for 'movie extra' or 'tv extra' on a search engine and a list of companies will show up before your eyes. 

Some companies will require that you pay a small registration to get started, especially the bigger ones.  Other companies will be full and only be able to take on new people at different times of the year. Try not to cringe too much at the registration fee.  It's a small number compared to the opportunity available to you, not to mention the investment in your larger career. That being said, look into each company before handing them your money.  Check the reviews and productions they've casted for int he past. 

You'll find most of today's successful actors started out as movie extras. Why? It's the easiest way to get started and there is such a great potential to gain valuable acting experience and learn just by being on set and around the action.

If acting really is your next career step, join us to further your skills at the New York Acting School for Film and Television, in New York City.  We are excited for your chosen path and are committed to equipping you with the skills to succeed! 

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