Tuesday, April 15, 2014

To Laugh or Not to Laugh? An Applaudable Acting Talent Indeed!

Actors don't have it easy.  You are forced to communicate an array of feelings, emotions and desires on a regular basis and then are scoffed at if you're not totally on point.  I think it's high time we recognize some easily forgotten but honorable talents in seen regularly in the entertainment industry. 
acting has it's challenges and breaking character is the one we applaud actors when they conquer it, at the new york acting school for film and television.
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Can you laugh??  
Having the ability of being totally overcome by laughter in a convincing way, remains one of the most impressive tricks I have ever seen actors perform. Laughing, normally such an involuntary reaction, is one of the hardest things to authentically replicate in front of the camera. Crying usually has a traceable frame of reference, so I'm guessing it's an easier action to create, even if the tears are elusive. 
Additionally, good laughter is wonderfully infectious, so when done properly, it can leave a lasting effect and memory of the entertaining experience. I know of a few movies that are my go-to's when I want to feel good, just because the actors are so good at both communicating and drawing you into the humor of it all.  
So, understandably, really out-of-control laughter remains one of the challenges that that when executed properly, is worthy of an applause all of it's own!  
On the flip side... 
Can you hold your laughter in?

Corpsing, or more commonly known as 'breaking face' in Hollywood, is actor-speak for having an unscripted fit of laughter onstage or on-set, because the worst time to have the giggles is when one is playing a corpse. The act of being unable to stop laughing inappropriately during a take can be one of the most frustrating yet entertaining hang ups in a production. Many actors try to cover this by covering their mouth and muffling the sounds they make. When this is done, a fit of laughter can rather haphazardly be turned into violent sobbing, with varying levels of success. Though people everywhere can be thrilled at the bloopers and humble peaks at an actor's humanity, we can all agree that the ability to hold laughter in during a funny scene is an incredible feat! 
Emotions, whether needing to be put on hold or summoned up artificially are actually one of the biggest acting challenges out there! 

We here at the New York Acting School for Film and Television know that this and many other skills can pose a real tension and even threat to an actor's career and want to offer you classes, coaching and whatever we can to get you boosted in the direction you are ready and eager to go!  Don't hesitate!  Get in touch today!!

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