Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What Will You Learn in NYC Acting Class with Mark Stolzenberg?

Michael Caine - Famous Tutorial on Eye Line Plus

 Maybe you've seen this video and others by Caine that give some of the basics of film acting.  This would be a good example of what you will learn when you take acting classes in NYC at the Acting School for Film and Television.

Watching it on video can give you an idea of what is necessary for success, but it can't compare to seeing a professional model the activity in class, and then getting the opportunity to practice the same skills on camera with real time coaching and feedback.

Once the skills become second nature, adding the actual words and acting out the emotions can happen naturally.

Classes are always starting at the Acting School for Film and Television.  This is because you are the center of attention in your class.  There is often five different things going on at once as each student is working on their particular need of the moment.  You will be called on to help others and they will in turn help you to develop.  You will be getting one-on-one attention.

Check out the course offerings to find where you might be best served.  Or call Mark Stolzenberg and discuss an appropriate and challenging class plan designed specifically for your current needs and goals.  Work at your own pace, and take as many classes per week as you have time to attend.

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