Saturday, September 28, 2013

Beginner Acting Classes for Adults interested in Film, Television or Commercials - NYC

Never Acted?  A Few School Plays?  Stage Acting Only?  Take Essentials Acting Classes at the New York Acting School for Film and TV

Acting Bug

Do you have the acting bug?  Can you see yourself on the big screen or the small screen?  Is it time to turn your acting hobby into a career?  Would you like to get professional advice and direction? 

Stop thinking about it and take action today.  Sign up for coursework at the New York Acting School for Film and Television, ranked in the top 5 of all acting schools in NYC by CBS.  When you take Essentials Classes, you will learn:
  • eye line (where to look)
  • how to project your voice, emotions, and physicality
  • believability and vulnerability  
  • close-ups
  • monologues
  • improvisations
  • cold readings
  • audition technique
  • commercials
  • scene work   
"I teach 'acting technique' with an eclectic approach.  All the work is geared to making you look most effective on screen."  Director Mark Stolzenberg

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