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Top Ten Comedy Scenes in a Movie Ever

Comedy Scenes That May Have Made Your Cheeks Hurt

Funniest Movie Scene of All Time?

Call me shocked.  I decided to research the top 10 or 50 or best of comedy scenes in movies, and to my great surprise, there was very little available online.  To make matters worse, most of the folks who took a stab at it seemed to much prefer scenes that pushed some envelope of sexuality or political incorrrectness.  I'm not above laughing my head off at such moments, but how about a little balance.

My personal recollection is that the hardest I ever laughed in a movie theater was all about sex.  But my second hardest laugh was more about revenge.  Neither of these made it into the top ten list that I finally found to be a solid balance of different comedy styles.  First, my favorite two of all time.

When Harry Met Sally

If you have never watched this scene, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

The Princess Bride

Number two on my list comes from what is, in my humble opinion, the funniest movie of all time.
Princess Bride wins that vote from me because of the quality and variety of the humor, the characters and those who did the acting, but most of all for the fact that kids of all ages love this movie for completely different reasons.

There are many memorable scenes, but my favorite is still the en guard scene near the end.  It is funny out of context, but not nearly so much as if you have engaged with the characters throughout the film.  It occurs about 20 seconds into this clip.

Now the top Ten Funniest Movies Scenes of All Time List from Pajiba

10.  Dr. Strangelove conversation with US President
9.  Office Space
8.  This is Spinal Tap   Tiny Stonehenge
7.  Pulp Fiction   Marvin Shot
6.  Blazing Saddles
5.  The Jerk
4.  Airplane - The Movie
3.  The Money Pit
2.  Young Frankenstein
1.  Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Black Knight

You might agree with me that that Meg Ryan and Princess Bride should have been #1 and #2, or you might think Pajiba has it right.  You can see the clips if you go to his website

Maybe you have your own favorite.  Feel free to share.

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