Monday, February 18, 2013

Harry Meets Sally Scene Instructs Film Acting Students

When Harry Meets Sally Can Teach You a Lot About Movie Acting!

Are you ready to get your acting career moving in 2013?  In order to be a great actor, you need to study great films and great actors.  As you develop your own style and approach, you need a coach to help you along the way.  So, in the comment section, tell us what it is about this scene that creates the energy and results in the audience remembering it years into the future?

Take action now, and sign up for our acting classes. Our classes focus on skills for film and television. They are fun, small classes where you will get individualized attention from acting professionals with years of experience, like our director Mark Stolzenberg and other qualified faculty. 

We have classes available for beginner to advanced actors, and we are conveniently located on the West side of Manhattan. 

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