Friday, February 15, 2013

Five Best Acting Classes Schools in NYC: CBS New York

Our acting classes are among NYC's top 5, according to  CBS New York!
CBS was scouting the top talent for talent. They looked for budget-conscious local classes and schools that have demonstrated great results for actors. With all the resources for actors in NYC, it can be overwhelming to figure out what opportunities are worth your time and money. Here is what CBS New York said about Acting School for Film and Television:

"Created by writer, producer and actor Mark Stolzenberg, this school offers one-on-one coaching, special events and classes for acting in television, film and commercials. Improv and comedy classes are also offered. Distinguished alumni have had stand-up shows, have been seen on television shows like “Law and Order” or “Blues Clues,” have produced films and written books. Check out the classes offered to find one that caters to your personal interests." -CBS New York

Check out our acting classes for yourself and begin honing your craft for stage, television, and film. 
Take classes like:

  • Acting in movies: Essentials
  • Scene Study
  • Acting in Commercials
  • Advanced Movie Acting

Or get one-on-one coaching from experienced professional actor, director, and instructor Mark Stolzenberg! 

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