Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jessica Chastain interviewed in W Magazine- acting classes NYC

Our NYC acting school recently posted about W magazine's fabulous interview and photo shoot with French actress Marion Cotillard. This month, W does another great feature with Jessica Chastain, more interview insights about acting, and another edgy photo shoot. Chastain did a series where she played "human canvas" for four different visual artists' visions. This seemed a suitable approach for Chastain, who said in her interview,

"I love wigs, I love costumes, I love anything that will get me into the character.”

Chastain, versatile and a little mysterious, is an inspiration for actors who so often fear being typed too narrowly. Chastain has successfully played a diverse variety of roles.
She describes in the interview with W how she connected with the idea of the film The Tree of Life. She ambitiously envisioned herself as the lead, a departure from her previous work.

“I can’t say why, exactly. Back then, I hadn’t been getting any auditions for films, so I was doing guest spots on TV shows, and, for some reason, on those shows I got raped a lot. I was always cast as the victim. When I heard about The Tree of Life, I felt like I belonged in that world.”

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