Thursday, November 22, 2012

Great Thanksgiving moments in film from NYC acting school: Addam's Family Values (1993)

Great Thanksgiving moments in film from NYC acting school

This is the Thanksgiving play scene from Addam's Family Values (1993) 

Starring Raúl JuliáAnjelica HustonChristopher Lloyd, and Christina Ricci. This is the dark comedy sequel to the 1991 comedy The Addams Family. 
Wednesday Addams's monologue before she sabatoges the Thanksgiving pageant is young Christina Ricci's second sarcastic Thanksgiving speech from our great Thanksgiving moments in film. (See The Ice Storm) 


Wednesday: I don't want to be in the pageant.
Gary: Don't you want to help me realize my vision?
Wednesday: Your work is puerile and under-dramatized. You lack any sense of structure, character and the Aristotelian unities.
Gary: Young lady, I am getting just a tad tired of your attitude problem. 

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