Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Acting classes NYC: Tips on acting for film part 1

Our NYC acting classes are designed for actors of all experience levels, but one thing that makes out school different is that we specialize in film and television acting.
Our classes are great for experienced actors who are drawn to film acting, and need training specific to that craft. If your experience with acting has been mainly on the stage, you may find it difficult to adapt your technique for the screen.
In our acting for film classes, you will get the chance to learn film acting techniques such as hitting your mark, and how to use your mannerisms and voice on screen. For experienced stage actors, this will likely involve learning to "pull back". As a stage actor you learned to project your expressions through exaggerated movements and a wonderful booming stage voice. As a film actor you will learn how to tone down your gestures and voice for close shots without losing any potency in your performance. In our classes, we will practice in groups, individually, and on camera.
Give us a call, and join one of our film acting classes.

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