Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Acting schools nyc: Secret performance anxiety cures

One difficulty that causes many actors to seek out acting classes NYC is the problem of performance anxiety. For some it comes predictably at certain moments- the moment you hear “action!”, the opening moments of an audition, or with the role you care about most deeply; but for others it is unpredictable and seems to move in at random. If we haven't experienced this phenomenon ourselves we've probably all heard stories from fellow actors. They knew the material inside and out, they were well-prepared, warmed-up and ready to go on, and seemingly out of nowhere, the nerves set in, culminating in the dreaded freeze, mid-scene or mid-sentence.
If you haven’t yet experienced this, perhaps our description of what is a common occurrence in acting now has you a little bit worried. Well, fear not. While the onset of stagefright can seem a bit of a mystery, the various techniques for coping with it are really quite straightforward and generally effective. In this series we will explore practical tips for facing fear as an actor. Our classes explore these and other acting skills in depth.

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