Friday, November 18, 2011

Make That Dream a Reality with Acting Classes in NYC

Have you always dreamed of getting into acting?  Whether it be as a personal hobby, or career, the first step is taking acting classes. What better place than taking acting classes in NYC, the home of Broadway and an entertainment capital.  

Taking an acting class in New York City can have benefits far beyond the immediate dreams of making your Broadway debut a reality.  According to the Drama Education Network, acting classes are a place to build self- confidence through a medium of taking risks in class and performing in front of a live audience to grow secure in your personal abilities.  Acting classes can also increase those creative juices by stretching your imagination to new limits, something beneficial for every avenue of life. 

Some other benefits can include:  further developing empathy for people of all walks of life, increase communication skills as you enhance your verbal and non verbal expression of your imagination, and serve as an emotional outlet for issues that you just don’t feel comfortable expressing on your own.  And lets just face it, taking acting classes in NYC is just downright fun.  Bring your sense of humor, zest for life, and smile as you dive into a world of limitless possibilities with others just like you. 

Owner of the New York Acting School, Mark Stolzenberg, has made his dream a reality by working with individuals like you pursue their dreams.  Specifically tailoring his classes toward the eventual goal of acting in TV and film, Mark focuses on the skills you need to make it in the competitive acting world.  With years of experience on stage, in film, TV, and commercials, Mark has done it all, and has made it a personal goal to make those dreams a reality for his students.  Read more about classes at the New York Acting School including a full schedule at  

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