Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ten Best Character Actors of All Time

Where Would Theater, Movies, and TV Be without the Great Character Actors?

The first question may might ask, "What is a character actor?"  Someone who didn't ever get a starring role?  Someone who got some starring roles, but never really became a star?  Maybe we can put aside the details of the definition and say that we "know one when we see one." 

The other question many ask is whether all actors are character actors?  While this may be true in the abstract, there is a breed of actor who has the ability to be almost unrecognizable from part to part, and yet play many, many roles convincingly and memorably. 

At some point in the future, we might offer our own list, but for today, we will merely make these two lists easier to navigate.  The first list (of 50) is in slide show format, and throws a pop up ad every two slides, and counts down from 50 to 1.  The second is much easier to navigate, but includes 126 total actors. 

The first is heavily concentrated on the past 20 years, which seems common on many of these lists.  The second promises to deliver the best from talkies to now.   Sit back and enjoy the top ten from each list, along with links to go get the details if you like. 

Add your own names in the comments, too.


From "Total Film"

10.  Frances McDormand
9.    Phillip Seymour Hoffman
8.    John Hawkes
7.    Brian  Cox
6.    John Turturro
5.    Christopher Walken
4.    Brad Dourif
3.    Christopher LeeHarry
2.    Dean Stanton
1.    Steve Buscemi

from IMDb
list by John Jacoby

10.  John Gielgud
9.    Van Heflin
8.    John C. Reilly
7.    Lionel Barrymore
6.    Paul Giamatti
5.    Martin Balsam
4.    Jack Warden
3.    Charles Bickford
2.    Jason Robards
1.    Karl Malden


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